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Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. Yvon Menard with questions about surgeries for his wife. Second page includes a form for Confidential Contacts List.

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Zaslofsky writes to Michelle Landsberg on the behalf of the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

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Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. Schaefer about discriminatory issues within the Stanford Gender Dysphoria Program.

A cover letter prefacing an article concerning gender-affirming surgery.

Letter From Rupert Raj to Dr. Ronald B Berggren requesting information on gender-affirming surgery for trans patients.

Letter from Dr. Stanley H. Biber to unknown recipient. Dr. Biber outlines the surgical services they provide for transgender women, as well as the cost, psychiatric evaluation requirements, and questions about the patient's personal life.

Letter to Rupert Raj from Dr. Richard Murray. Dr. Murray details his preferred method of vaginoplasty, cost of the procedure, and low rate of complications.

Executive Secretary of the Gender Identity Association Judy Jennings responds to Rupert Raj's inquiry about vaginoplasty on behalf of his client. Jennings details potential insurance coverage for the procedure.

Neal Wilson responds to Rupert Raj answering questions concerning gender-affirming surgery.

Dr. Michel Seghers responds to Rupert Raj and answers questions regarding gender-affirming surgical techniques, requirements, and cost.
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