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Biography of Joanna Clark (also known as Sister Mary Elizabeth), human services worker and consultant and co-therapist at the Institute for Family's gender dysphoria program.

A tribute written by Rupert Raj celebrating the life of Sister Mary Elizabeth, formerly known as Joanna Clark. Item contains handwritten editorial corrections.

Letter from Jane Fjeld, Director of Policy and Parole Services, to Rupert Raj requesting a meeting to discuss MtFs to better support people who are involved with her program.

Letter from Betty Steiner to Dr. Leonard Hughes informing Hughes that Dr. Lindsay will no longer be performing vaginoplasties. Steiner notes that The Ontario Health Insurance Plan almost always only reimburses in-country procedures.

Letter from Chris Reid to Rupert Raj including discussion about different technological programs that Reid uses, various life updates, new developments on phalloplasty, and TSNET. Reid discusses planned upcoming gender-affirming surgery in Belgium.…

Letter from Chris Reid to Rupert Raj asking for permission to list Metamorphosis as a reference for a new computerized bulletin board named TSNET.

Letter from Allison Calder reaching out to a clinic in Utah asking for help with her gender-affirming surgery. On the second page are 4 different pictures of her.

Letter from Sharon Davis to Rupert Raj, thanking him for sending over the requested materials and enclosing copies of flyers for distribution.

Letter from Miss Renee to Rupert Raj. Renee writes that she has created a service called "Miss Renee's Charm School," teaching transgender women how to embody a femme role and pass successfully.

Letter from Barbara to Rupert Raj sharing some stories about life in High Park, as he has recently moved there, and enclosing a poem by Donna Levine.
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