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PhD Candidate Angelo Tornabene writes a reference letter to the University of Toronto MSW Admissions Department recommending the admission of Rupert Raj (referenced here as Nicholas C. Ghosh). He describes Raj's involvement in the trans community as…

Membership certificate for Rupert Raj from the National Gender Dysphoria Organization of America, and certificate of nomination for Rupert Raj from the International Foundation for Gender Education Board of Directors.

F0021_01_230_03 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Rupert Raj apologizes for offending Paul A. Walker in his previous letter and requests to reprint Walker's review of "Female to Male Transsexualism."

F0021_01_230_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Paul A. Walker thanks Raj for his recent letter and informs him that Raj's fliers are added in the Janus Information Facility's FtMs packets.

F0021-01-207_03 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Alice Webb to Rupert Raj discussing discrimination against non-heterosexual transgender patients.

George R. Brown responds to Rupert Raj about Brown's commitment to gender-affirming care for active duty service members and the surrounding San Antonio area.

Correspondence to Rupert Raj from Janice Van Cleve concerning exchange of materials regarding Seattle's amendment to the open housing ordinance to protect the rights of transgender people.

Correspondence to Rupert Raj from Dr. Collier M. Cole regarding subscription to "Gender Networker."

F0021-01-171_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letters from Rupert Raj and Amala (Rupert's sister) addressing the editor of the Global and Mail as well as Sally Jessy Raphael in reaction to article "Altered States" by Ian Brown (included). The siblings express their disapproval of offensive…

Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. David A. Gilbert from the Center for Gender Reassignment. Raj thanks Dr. Gilbert for the information he sent on surgical procedures provided by the Center.
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