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Letter from Rupert Raj-Gauthier to Johnny Austen checking in on how he is doing. He also suggests that resource workers (including Johnny) split the costs to gift Lou Sullivan a plaque honoring his work. Johnny also used the names Johnny/Romeo Bliss,…

Letter from Rupert Raj-Gauthier to Dr. Judith Golden requesting the contact information of psychotherapists to work with patients who experience gender dysphoria. He discusses the best ways to approach counseling, and states his preference for the…

Letter from Rupert Raj-Gauthier to Mr. Jude F. Patton congratulating him on his recent marriage and enclosing promotional material about "Gender Consultants." Rupert proposes a list of resource workers for trans men. He mentions wanting to coordinate…

Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. H. Martin Malin discussing updates about Malin's life. Raj requests funds to provide Louis Sullivan with a "Gender Worker Award," as his health declined in his battle with AIDS.

Letter from Rupert Raj to Judy Van Maasdam informing her of his move and requesting to have the Consumer Advocate Seat of the Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Association reinstated for himself. He also requests that criteria be created for who is…

Letter from Rupert Raj to Veronica Jean Brown updating Veronica on his personal life and asking about fundraising efforts in connect with XX Club members. He also asks how the club will function after Brown leaves.

Letter from Rupert Raj Gauthier to Ms. Phaedra Kelly thanking her for her letter and poem. He also shares information about his counseling services.

Letter from Rupert Raj-Gauthier to a Public Relations Director asking for a copy of Dr. Bryan Tully's new work "Accounting for Transsexualism" for his review.

Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. Paul A. Walker talking about his newly found AIDS status and attaching a research study on AIDS victims. The second page includes information about the "Gender Networker" newsletter.

Rupert Raj writes about buying a copy of The Perfect Gentleman by June Rose. He says that it would be very helpful to have for review in gay archives and sexological journals.
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