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F0021-01-180_27 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Paula Keiser, where he includes the first issue of "Gender Networker" and provides general updates on his life, including the fact that he has met his life partner, Michelle. There are also drawings and notes included on theā€¦

F0021-01-180_10 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Ms. Stephanie Anne Lloyd in which he proposes that Lloyd hire him in order to advocate for trans people.

F0021-01-227_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Rupert Raj writes to Gayle Rubin about a future co-editing opportunity.

F0021-01-214_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Zaslofsky writes to Michelle Landsberg on the behalf of the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

F0021-01-207_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. Alice Webb regarding discrimination against non-heterosexual transgender patients seeking gender-affirming surgery.

F0021-01-207_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. Schaefer about discriminatory issues within the Stanford Gender Dysphoria Program.

F0021-01-206_03 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Lyn McGinnis to Rupert Raj detailing McGinnis's professional work, androgyny, and bisexuality.

F0021-01-206_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Gail asking if the Ontario Bisexual Network would like to be involved in the OWER newsletter.

F0021-01-206_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Lyn McGinnis discussing interest in McGinnis's work and transgender rights.

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