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A collection of transition essays and stories edited by Rupert Raj by Judy Dupuis, Mark Morris, Eliot Mark, Romeo Bliss, and Dorian Carl Munday.

Letter from Chris Reid to Rupert Raj including discussion about different technological programs that Reid uses, various life updates, new developments on phalloplasty, and TSNET. Reid discusses planned upcoming gender-affirming surgery in Belgium.…

Letter from Chris Reid to Rupert Raj asking for permission to list Metamorphosis as a reference for a new computerized bulletin board named TSNET.

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Letter from Christian M. O'Neal to Rupert Raj asking for updates on Raj's newsletter and seeking information about how to locate other FtMs in O'Neal's area.

Letter from Trudy S. Moore to Rupert Raj asking for help to find a Black, FtM transgender person for a story.

Letter from Reed Erickson to Rupert Raj providing comments on volume 1 issue 1 of the Metamorphosis.

Letter from Michael A. Smith to Rupert Raj (formerly known as Nicholas Ghosh), who provides updates on his organization Rebirth and attaches a copy of the most recent newsletter, requirement sheet, and doctor sheet.

Letter from Amy E. Burns, coordinator at the Johns Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit, to Rupert Raj (formerly known as Nicholas Ghosh). Burns explains the process for being evaluated as a candidate for transsexual surgery.

Letter in which Dr. Leo Wollman thanks Rupert Raj for the copies of Gender Review and responds to Raj's questions from a previous letter. Wollman agrees to sit on the Board of Advisors for Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals.

Letter from Judith Godfrey, coordinator at the Gender Identity Clinic, to Rupert Raj detailing the criteria required for gender-affirming surgery.
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