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Letter from J. Dolan to Rupert Raj declining the invitation to be on the Metamorphosis board due to other commitments.

Letter from S.J Hucker to Rupert Raj declining the invitation to the Metamorphosis due to leaving the Gender Identity Clinic. Also thanks Rupert for a copy of his recent newsletter.

Letter from Ray Blanchard to Rupert Raj turning down an invitation to join the professional Advisory Board of the Metamorphosis Research Foundation due to conflicts of interest.

Letter from L. Clemmensen of the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry to Rupert Raj updating him on employees at the Gender Identity Clinic.

Letter from Ray Blanchard, research psychologist at the Gender Identity Clinic to Rupert Raj, informing that the Gender Identity Clinic cannot participate in any of the joint activities proposed by Raj because they require referrals from a practicing…

Letter from Paul A. Walker to Rupert Raj discussing a previous letter and pointing Raj in the direction of the North American Transsexualism Society Inc. Also includes a letter in support of getting more professionals involved in the care of…

Letter in which Dr. Leo Wollman thanks Rupert Raj for the copies of Gender Review and responds to Raj's questions from a previous letter. Wollman agrees to sit on the Board of Advisors for Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals.

Letter from Betty Steiner to Rupert Raj expressing interest in Raj's "Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals," (F.A.C.T).

Letter from Betty W. Steiner, chairman of the Clarke Institute's Gender Identity Clinic, to Rupert Raj (formerly known as Nicholas Ghosh). Steiner is unclear about the aims and objectives of Raj's foundation (FACT) and states that after receiving a…
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