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Letter from David Baile, treasurer of the Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal of Toronto, enclosing a check to Metamorphosis and logo designs for the organization.

Letter from June Martin to Rupert Raj accepting the invitation to be on the Board of Professional Consultants for Metamorphosis Medical Research Center and sending a research abstract to be included in the magazine.

Letter from the Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal of Toronto inviting people to apply for funding. Includes the project funding guidelines and the application for funding.

A leaflet from Beverly Spires, coordinator of the Hampton Roads Transgender Support Group and Deborah Gilbert, coordinator of the Center for Gender Reassignment, providing more details on the Hampton Roads Transgender Support Group, which works in…

Letters from representatives of the Gay Community Appeal of Toronto to Rupert Raj, and Metamorphosis. Includes a letter from the president of the organization thanking all the applicants and inviting them to an event later in the year, a letter…

Letter from R.A.P Tielman, A.X. Naerssen, Drs. K. H Soesbeek, E.A. van der Veen inviting Rupert Raj to participate in the International Scientific Conference 'Homosexuality Beyond Disease'

Letter from Bill Walker requesting a complimentary subscription to Metamorphosis through his organization, The San Francisco Bay Area Gay & Lesbian Historical Society.

Letter from Clinton R. Jones to Rupert Raj agreeing to serve as a medical advisor for Metamorphosis.

Letter from Theodore I. Friedman to Rupert Raj discussing how helpful Raj's newsletters are and suggesting that it might be a good idea for Raj to have a computer printout of all the crisis lines in the US and Canada.

Letter from Theodore I. Friedman expressing appreciation for the work Raj does and discussing the Tenth International Symposium on Gender Dysphoria in Amsterdam.
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