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Letter from Rupert Raj to Ms. Stephanie Anne Lloyd in which he proposes that Lloyd hire him in order to advocate for trans people.

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Letter from Rupert Raj to Lyn McGinnis discussing interest in McGinnis's work and transgender rights.

Response letter from Jerry M. Montgomery and co-director Lynn Montgomery from The Montgomery Foundation of The Gender Dysphoric Association to Rupert Raj. Jerry M. Montgomery offers personal life anecdotes and details the creation of and current work…

Correspondence from Rupert Raj to Dr. Marion Case and Carol regarding surgeons in Canada performing gender-affirming procedures. Raj provides a list of Canadian surgeons. This list has been added to by hand to denote the physicians' expertise.

Handwritten correspondence to Rupert Raj from Marion B. Case, providing information about his personal experience and interactions with transgender people.

Letter to the editor from Nicholas C. Gosh responding to an article published in New Times magazine.

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