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A letter from Rupert Raj via Metamorphosis to an unnamed doctor. He is writing to provide updates on information about phalloplasty for the Metamorphosis Manual for Female-to-Males.

Letter from Johanna M. Clark to Rupert Raj explaining that CORISTA is now legal and updating Raj on her business.

Letter from Jana Thompson to Rupert Raj asking to run an ad for the monthly newsletter of "The Gathering" and noting the Board of Directors approval of a $15 per year subscription fee for copies of Passages.

Letter from Jana Thompson to Rupert Raj concerning the June issue of Passages. The letter discusses reprinting.

Handwritten letter from Lou Sullivan to Rupert Raj urging him not to quit Metamorphosis Magazine, and asking how he can help him.

Handwritten letter to Rupert Raj in which Lou Sullivan discusses how much he is enjoying Metamorphosis and ideas for the next issue. Sullivan has enclosed another "letter-to-the-editor" for the next issue of Metamorphosis.

F0021-01-209_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to The San Francisco Bay Area Gay and Lesbian Historical Society inquiring about whether or not Lou Sullivan had passed along any copies of Raj's Metamorphosis Magazine, Metamorphosis Newsletter, or Gender Networker.

F0021-01-180_16 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Rupert Raj writes to Micheline Johnson to discuss his new newsletter and the upcoming Metamorphosis Magazine meeting.

F0021-01-180_10 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Ms. Stephanie Anne Lloyd in which he proposes that Lloyd hire him in order to advocate for trans people.

F0021_01_236_01 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Two essays and nine poems written by Rupert Raj. All pieces describe and recount Raj's feelings living as a man and his transition.
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