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A list of contacts of people who run support groups for FtMs, and contacts for people working at certain clinics and hospitals, editors of newsletters and magazines, etc. Two pages have handwritten notes in the margins.

A 2-page list of organizations and their contact information. The organizations are labeled as (Peer) Support Groups/Letters. The second page is titled Resource Listing on Female-To-Male Transsexualism and also contains a list of many of the sameā€¦

A biography of Jack Bee Garland (aka Babe Bean) written by Lou Sullivan discusses that not only Garland's biography, but the process of researching and writing it.

Reviews by Lou Sullivan and Paul A. Walker of "Female-to-Male Transsexualism: Historical, Clinical, and Theoretical Issues" by Leslie M. Lothstein.

Review by Kim Stuart discussing "Information for the Female-to-Male Crossdresser and Transsexual" by Lou Sullivan.

Letter from Kim Elizabeth Stuart to Rupert Raj about people in the transgender community. Enclosed are letters from Lou Sullivan to Kim Elizabeth Stuart.

A written document of an address given to the Ingersoll Gender Center by Kim Elizabeth Stuart, with written notes on the back of each sheet.

Letter from Kim Stuart to Rupert Raj talking about personal matters. The letter also includes two essays from her.
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