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A list of resources for FTMs, including support groups and newsletters, resource workers, sex reassignment surgeons, therapists, and counselors. Some pages contain handwritten notes.

A 2-page list of organizations and their contact information. The organizations are labeled as (Peer) Support Groups/Letters. The second page is titled Resource Listing on Female-To-Male Transsexualism and also contains a list of many of the same…

An overview of the infrastructure Rupert Raj deems necessary in order for the support group he is running to be successful. He outlines factors that contribute to the success of these organizations, and that create the best environment for FtM…

Letters from Vern L. Bullough to Rupert Raj discussing a proposed book by Raj. Vern provides feedback on what he thinks Raj should focus his book on, as well as discusses Kim Stuart, and cross-dressing.

Letter from Kim Elizabeth Stuart to Rupert Raj about people in the transgender community. Enclosed are letters from Lou Sullivan to Kim Elizabeth Stuart.

Letter from Dr. David A. Gilbert to Rupert Raj offering to coordinate resources for FtM patients for Gilbert's manual.

Letter from Joseph Lamberti to Rupert Raj discussing the details of surgery they perform, and letting Raj know that Lamberti doesn't know the cost.

Letter from Judy Jennings to Rupert Raj discussing the newest phalloplasty technique that the Gender Identity Association is using. Jennings continues on to mention the complications, and success rates of the surgeries performed.

Letter from Milton Edgerton to Rupert Raj detailing information about the University of Virginia's medical center services for transgender patients.

A set of informational papers concerning the steps a patient must take to be approved for FtM gender-affirming surgery. The papers contain a series of eight questions about how and why the person is considering surgery, a description of Social…
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