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Letter from Kim Elizabeth Stuart to Rupert Raj about people in the transgender community. Enclosed are letters from Lou Sullivan to Kim Elizabeth Stuart.

Article discussing the practice of silicone injections and the harm they can cause.

A letter in which Dallas Denny outlines introductory information about The Atlanta Educational Gender Information Service (AEGIS) and describes its purpose and function to serve transsexual persons, transgenderists, crossdressers, and those…

Letter from Rupert Raj to Dallas Denny responding to previous correspondence. Raj encloses two reviews, one of Transsexualismo by Dr. Roberto Farina and one of La Question Transsexuelle by Pasteur Joseph Douce and mentions not remembering the letter…

Letter from Dallas Denny thanking Rupert Raj for providing his autobiography and review of "Third Sex, Third Gender." Denny asks Raj to review different Transgender writings to be used in Chrysalis Quarterly and politely denies Raj's request to serve…

Correspondence from Dallas Denny to Rupert Raj thanking him for two books and mentioning a letter in FtM newsletter that caused some unrest in the FtM community.

Letter from Rupert Raj responding to an earlier letter from Dallas Denny. Raj discusses Judy van Maasdam, HBIGDA and his feelings towards the transgender community. Raj includes two books to donate to Denny's library.
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