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Aimée Waddington writes to Rupert Raj expressing excitement about working together. Waddington highlights work at the Gender Dysphoria Trust International (GDTI) and their relationship with AEGIS in the United States, and provides the names of…

Letters from Vern L. Bullough to Rupert Raj discussing a proposed book by Raj. Vern provides feedback on what he thinks Raj should focus his book on, as well as discusses Kim Stuart, and cross-dressing.

Letter from Kim Elizabeth Stuart to Rupert Raj about people in the transgender community. Enclosed are letters from Lou Sullivan to Kim Elizabeth Stuart.

Letter from Dallas Denny thanking Rupert Raj for providing his autobiography and review of "Third Sex, Third Gender." Denny asks Raj to review different Transgender writings to be used in Chrysalis Quarterly and politely denies Raj's request to serve…

Letter from Dallas Denny to Rupert Raj thanking him for sending a copy of Qwer Quarterly, and updating Raj on the development of an all-FtM issue of Chrysalis Quarterly.

Letter from Rupert Raj responding to an earlier letter from Dallas Denny. Raj discusses Judy van Maasdam, HBIGDA and his feelings towards the transgender community. Raj includes two books to donate to Denny's library.

Letter from Rupert Raj to Dallas Denny saying he would like to act as a consultant in AEGIS and requesting support to attend a conference.

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Document created by the American Education Gender Information Service (AEGIS) containing a questionnaire for transgender participants regarding the HBIGDA Standards of Care and a press release detailing the results from it. Also featured in the…
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