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Letter from Rupert Raj to Aileen Erickson about legal aspects of trans marriages. He suggests she reach out to Sister Mary Elizabeth for more information.

F0021-01-210_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
A biography of Rupert Raj, which includes information such as his gender transition and the work he's done providing resources and support to trans people.

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Letter from Rupert Raj to Karen Aldrich, in which he informs that he will be dissolving the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation. He also mentions starting a new publication "Gender Networker" for resource providers and professionals and…

F0021_01_230_04 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Paul A. Walker responds to Rupert Raj requesting more copies of his blue Metamorphosis brochures, membership applications, and an orange flyer on "The Uninvited Dilemma."

F0021_01_230_03 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Rupert Raj apologizes for offending Paul A. Walker in his previous letter and requests to reprint Walker's review of "Female to Male Transsexualism."

Announcement concerning guest speaker Laura Pearce, the first Canadian operated on by Dr. Michelle Seghers.

Correspondence from Rupert Raj to Dr. Marion Case and Carol regarding surgeons in Canada performing gender-affirming procedures. Raj provides a list of Canadian surgeons. This list has been added to by hand to denote the physicians' expertise.

Letter from Stephen E. Parent to Rupert Raj discussing updates in Stephen's personal and professional life.
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