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A leaflet from Beverly Spires, coordinator of the Hampton Roads Transgender Support Group and Deborah Gilbert, coordinator of the Center for Gender Reassignment, providing more details on the Hampton Roads Transgender Support Group, which works in…

Letter from Patricia A. Dunn to Rupert Raj thanking him for the help he has provided.

Letter from Rupert Raj to Mr. McCullough Williams, chief of legal services for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Raj discusses a recent issue a prisoner, Ms. Ashford, had dealt with. The issue of "Transsexuals in Prison" (TIP)…

Letter from John Talamini to Rupert Raj thanking him for his letter and literature, and stating that Talamini is familiar with Metamorphosis. Talamini also discusses his book "Boys Will be Girls: The Hidden World of the Heterosexual Male…

Letter from Evelyn Gigantes to Rupert Raj expressing frustration that the Ontario Human Rights Code would not be amended to include transgender people.

Letter from Evert van der Veen informing Raj that the University Utrecht Gay Studies work group plans to include Metamorphosis in their study.

Letter from Betty W. Steiner of the Gender Identity Clinic at the Clark Institute of Psychiatry to Rupert Raj thanking him for the Metamorphosis issue.

Short letter from Betty W. Steiner at Clarke Institute of Psychiatry to Rupert Raj thanking him for her "Award of Merit."

Letter from Betty Steiner to Dr. Leonard Hughes informing Hughes that Dr. Lindsay will no longer be performing vaginoplasties. Steiner notes that The Ontario Health Insurance Plan almost always only reimburses in-country procedures.

Notes and correspondence from a psychiatric consultation given by Dr. Betty Steiner of the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry.
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