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Gender Review 3.2.pdf
Articles include: "Gender dysphoria - a mental illness: second in our series on the proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Gender Dysphoria" by Susan C. Huxford "Gender dysphoria problem or blessing?" by Nicole "On transsexualism" by…

Gender Review 2.4.pdf
Articles include: "Gender or sex dysphoria" by Susan C. Huxford "New help in Toronto: WHY?" (WHY stands for We Help You, a counselling service aimed at transpeople) "Bay Area report" copyright by Rachel Tortolini (reprint) (Gender Dysphoria…

Gender Review 1.5.pdf
Articles include: "FACT HQ moves to Toronto" "Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association" "Proper doctor-patient relationship" by Nicholas C. Ghosh "TS [transsexual] surgery" "Gender dysphoria: opposing perspectives" (compares…

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