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Gender Review 2.4.pdf
Articles include: "Gender or sex dysphoria" by Susan C. Huxford "New help in Toronto: WHY?" (WHY stands for We Help You, a counselling service aimed at transpeople) "Bay Area report" copyright by Rachel Tortolini (reprint) (Gender Dysphoria…

Gender Review 1.10.pdf
The first page of the scan is from issue 10. The remaining pages are probably from issue 6 or 7 (ca. 1979). Metadata in this record describes the contents of the attached PDF.Articles include: "Johns Hopkins clinic closes" "Gender dysphoria…

Gender Review 1.2.pdf
Articles include: "Transsexual oppression" (Inge Stephens' suit against Banque canadienne nationale and Provident Assurance Company for disability benefits) "Ontario Bill 11 soon to become law" (An Act to Amend the Vital Statistics Actwhichwould…

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