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Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer to Rupert Raj accepting Raj's offer to join the Board of Professional Advisors for Metamorphosis.

Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer, the director of the Balaclava Residence/Palore Supervisor at the Elizabeth Fry Society of British Columbia. Kohlmeyer thanks Rupert Raj for the latest issue of Metamorphosis, explains what the Elizabeth Fry Society is…

Correspondence between Rupert Raj and Klaus Kohlmeyer, Director of the Balaclava Residence, Mary-Liz Green, Vice President of the Chairperson Social Action and Issues Committee, J.D Williams, Regional Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,…

Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer to Rupert Raj stating that the Elizabeth Fry Society will continue working with transsexuals and welcomes any relevant resources or information.
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