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A proposal by Rupert Raj to create a program dedicated to helping transsexual inmates and parolees in Canada. The proposal contains information on which organizations and prisons would participate in this program, why it is needed, where funding…

Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer to Rupert Raj accepting Raj's offer to join the Board of Professional Advisors for Metamorphosis.

Letter from Mary-Liz Green, vice president of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, to Rupert Raj. Green writes that the association is concerned about the welfare of imprisoned transsexual people, but they don't have the expertise to…

Letter from Karen Howe, coordinator of community programs at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Kingston, to Rupert Raj. Howe thanks Raj for traveling to Kingston and speaking with the group.

Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer, the director of the Balaclava Residence/Palore Supervisor at the Elizabeth Fry Society of British Columbia. Kohlmeyer thanks Rupert Raj for the latest issue of Metamorphosis, explains what the Elizabeth Fry Society is…

Letter from Karen Howe, coordinator of Elizabeth Fry Society programs, to Rupert Raj declining his invitation to host the conference and suggesting that it may be feasible to push it until later in the new year.

Letter in which Darlene Lawson of the Toronto Elizabeth Fry Society writes to the Toronto Department of Community Services, Policy and Planning Division in support of Metamorphosis receiving a grant from the Department of Community Services.

Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer to Rupert Raj stating that the Elizabeth Fry Society will continue working with transsexuals and welcomes any relevant resources or information.
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