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Questionnaire from Rupert Raj requesting information on an organization's structure, and about TS convicts and ex-convicts.

Letter from Rupert Raj to Mr. McCullough Williams, chief of legal services for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Raj discusses a recent issue a prisoner, Ms. Ashford, had dealt with. The issue of "Transsexuals in Prison" (TIP)…

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Letters and envelope from Frank to Rupert Raj in 1987. The letters are updates on Frank's life, including his masectomy and parole hearing. He also wishes Raj a happy Thanksgiving and ask Raj not to print his letters.

A collection of transition essays and stories edited by Rupert Raj by Judy Dupuis, Mark Morris, Eliot Mark, Romeo Bliss, and Dorian Carl Munday.

A letter from Lois Williamson, executive director of the Elizabeth Fry Society, responding to Rupert Raj that their staff are not qualified to meet the needs of transsexual clients. A letter from Rupert Raj to Michael Warren, Acting Deputy Director…

Letter from Vanessa D. Meriweather about the Transsexuals in Prison newsletter.

Correspondence between Rupert Raj and Klaus Kohlmeyer, Director of the Balaclava Residence, Mary-Liz Green, Vice President of the Chairperson Social Action and Issues Committee, J.D Williams, Regional Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,…

A clipping from an issue of Transsexuals in Prison about prisoners' experience being transgender.

Letter from Klaus Kohlmeyer, the director of the Balaclava Residence/Palore Supervisor at the Elizabeth Fry Society of British Columbia. Kohlmeyer thanks Rupert Raj for the latest issue of Metamorphosis, explains what the Elizabeth Fry Society is…

Letter from Jane Fjeld, Director of Policy and Parole Services, to Rupert Raj requesting a meeting to discuss MtFs to better support people who are involved with her program.
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