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A clipping of an article titled "Altered States" about an MtF patient who switched "gender by surgery", with a handwritten note addressing it to Mr. Jack Kapica.

bitter feels - cover.jpg
In Bitter Feels, Billy address their mixed emotions related to expressing their gender identity, being misgendered and other complexities related to femmeness. This zine is a rant and overall a way for Billy to affirm their gender identity.

Consent form for a sociological research project on female to male transsexuals conducted by Holly Devor, sociology PhD candidate at the University of Washington

Gender Review 3.2.pdf
Articles include: "Gender dysphoria - a mental illness: second in our series on the proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Gender Dysphoria" by Susan C. Huxford "Gender dysphoria problem or blessing?" by Nicole "On transsexualism" by…

Aimée Waddington writes to Rupert Raj expressing excitement about working together. Waddington highlights work at the Gender Dysphoria Trust International (GDTI) and their relationship with AEGIS in the United States, and provides the names of…

F0021-01-173_03 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Dee Dailey to Rupert Raj concerning a proposal and asking for information on FtM hormone therapy to publish a hormone guide.

Letter from Dr. Fernando J. Bianco, Director of the Venezuelan Psychiatric, Psychological, and Sexological Research Center, explaining an operation. Bianco's curriculum vitae (CV) is attached.

Letter from Docteur S. de France, a medical sexologist, asking Rupert Raj personal questions about transitioning and for general opinions on hormone replacement therapy. de France mentions creating a non-profit organization "CEMTOR" and inquires…
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