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F0021-01-171_05 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Dr. JoAnn Cone critiquing the work of Ian Brown and discussing his journalism on gender dysphoria, surgery, and identities.

F0021-01-206_03 (Compressed)_OCR_Redacted.pdf
Letter from Lyn McGinnis to Rupert Raj detailing McGinnis's professional work, androgyny, and bisexuality.

F0021-01-227_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Rupert Raj writes to Gayle Rubin about a future co-editing opportunity.

F0021-01-180_17 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Ruper Raj writes to Ms. Kitty Carlise Hart, Director of New York State Council on the Arts, concerning cross-dressing. Includes a newspaper page with articles discussing surgery and hormones.

Letter from Jules Bureau to Rupert Raj saying that Jules is happy to see that there is an Association for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals. The author also discusses plans for a large symposium on childhood sexuality.

Letter from Nick Lalonde to Rupert Raj offering support from Aide Aux Transsexsuels Du Québec for Metamorphosis.

A description of a book, La Question Transsexuelle, which includes statements from lawyers, doctors, historians, and other professionals, who speak on transsexual identities and research.

A compilation of descriptions for French books centered around LGBTQ+ identities: Homosexualite et Creativite by Gerard Bergez, Couples Homosexueles et Lesbians: Juridique et Quotidien by Pasteur J. Doucé ; La Questione Transsexuelle by Pasteur J.…

An introduction and table of contents for Kim Elizabeth Stuart's book, The Uninvited Dilemma.

An announcement reporting the dissolution of the the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation (MMRF). Raj discusses the future of MMRF assets and his projects associated with MMRF.
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