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A list of gender identities, transitional statuses, body modifications, sexual orientations, ethnoracial statuses, socioeconomic classifications, and notes on a profile of Rupert Raj.

Review published in The Journal of Sex Research on the book "Psychobiology of Reproductive Behavior: An Evolutionary Perspective" by David Crews, written by Ray H. Bixler.

Discussion of the life, gender identity, and sexuality of Radclyffe Hall, who was born in 1883. The piece contests that Hall dressed in male garments and could have been a male-to-female transgender person.

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Letter from Rupert Raj to Mike Hernandez and Sky Renfro. Raj explains that he is working on a historical anthology focusing on trans people, and asks for permission to include a chapter from "Dagger: On Butch Women" in which Hernandez and Renfro were…
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