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Gender Review 1.3.pdf
Articles include: "Diagnostic diameter: TS [transsexual] identity--delusion or reality?" "Oppressed as the oppressor" (sexism, homophobia, transphobia by transpeople) "Need for multidimensional health care for the transsexual" by Mario…

Punam Khosla was the coordinator of the Desh Pardesh festival from the second festival in 1991 to 1993. She headed the festival with clear political goals, which often clashed with other organizers of the event but she was not willing to compromise…

DP019 - Michelle (Final Transcript).pdf
Mohabeer discusses her experience of moving to Canada during the 1970s, when racism, sexism and homophobia were rampant. She also discusses briefly her experience as a Pakistani person in a time where Paki-bashing was common place. Mohabeer then goes…

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A 1978 conversation between Stuart Russell, Reiner Marvitz, Gerhard Hoffman, Mariana Valverde, Brian Mossop, Ben Popert, David Thorstad, and Bob Kunst about the state of the gay movement and its history and future.

Topics include how to engage…

Tom Warner interviews Clarissa Lagartera about her gay identity and coming out, activism as a young person, campaign for president of the students' association at the University of Winnipeg, performing as a drag king, the lack of lesbian community in…

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