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F0021-01-206_02 (Compressed)_OCR.pdf
Letter from Rupert Raj to Gail asking if the Ontario Bisexual Network would like to be involved in the OWER newsletter.

Interview with Fred Sproule.JPG
In this oral history interview Frederick Sproule, 88 years old, discusses his life as a gay man in Toronto from the early twentieth century onwards. The interview begins with Sproule describing his coming out experience when he was 18 and lived in…

Round button with black and purple text on white background, BI is written in purple text.

Round button with black text on white background. Most of text is too small to read; some of it seems to be in french. Centre of button is a stylized image of a keychain.

Round button with white text on purple background with rows of venus and mars symbols in various orders

Round button with black text over pink, purple and blue triangle on black background

Round button with pink text on black background.

A 1978 conversation between Stuart Russell, Reiner Marvitz, Gerhard Hoffman, Mariana Valverde, Brian Mossop, Ben Popert, David Thorstad, and Bob Kunst about the state of the gay movement and its history and future.

Topics include how to engage…

TAB-1964-03-21-p.15 A1016.jpg
A newspaper personal for "other males or females" interested in making "home movies."
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