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TAB-1964-03-21-p.15 A1041.jpg
A newspaper personal posted by a man looking for a specific ethnic partner.

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TAB-1964-03-21-p.15 A1022.jpg
A newspaper personal for a man who travels frequently and has an interest in "posing."

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TAB-1964-03-21-p.15 A1021.jpg
A newspaper personal for a man seeking more than casual sex.

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TAB-1964-03-21-p.15 A1016.jpg
A newspaper personal for "other males or females" interested in making "home movies."

TAB-1964-01-18-p.13 Rubber Apparel.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a rubber wear catalogue.

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TAB-1964-04-18-p.13 Hygienic Supplies for Men.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for condoms, focusing on discreet delivery.

TAB-1964-03-21-p.13 Gay Panties.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for lingerie for men and women both.

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TAB-1964-02-22-p.13 The Regency Club.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a popular meeting place for gay men.

TAB-1964-01-25-p.15 Kitty-Love.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a service promising to connect both male and female persons to mailers, possibly for romantic relationships, or possibly for sexual expression.

TAB-1964-01-18-p.13 Looking for the Unusual.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a catalogue on gay media, pornography, and locations for public sex.
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