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An interview by Michael Lynch with an anonymous man, age 41, who was arrested during the bathhouse raids.

Tape one (56 mins) covers his early life in Hamilton, coming out and family life, marriage to a woman, life in Hamilton, and gay life in…

TAB-1964-01-18-p.13 Looking for the Unusual.jpg
A newspaper advertisement for a catalogue on gay media, pornography, and locations for public sex.

TAB-1963-12-07-p.15 A850.jpg
A newspaper personal presumably posted for casual sex, possibly in the poster's new convertible.

A newspaper article describing the case of two men charged with gross indecency, and how both were acquitted.

A headline article describing the crime of two men in a restaurant bathroom.

A newspaper article describing a police trap for homosexual activities in a restaurant bathroom.

A newspaper article on the arrest of two men engaged in homosexual activities in a vehicle.

A newspaper article describing the lenient sentences given to two men for gross indecency charges.

A newspaper article on a reputable doctor's gross indecency charges.
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