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In this oral history interview, Phil Conron, 53 years old, discusses growing up in Toronto in the 1940s, trying to fit in with other boys in school, and early adolescent sexual experiences with other young men. He discusses his involvement with the…

Interview with Elgin Blair.JPG
In this oral history interview Elgin Blair and Richard Brown discuss their lives in Toronto as gay men. The interview begins with Elgin (58 years old) commenting on his coming out experience, his puritanical upbringing, his struggle to accept his…

Clip features Duncan McLaren discussing the experience of the raid on The Barracks bathhouse and his arrest and treatment by police in Toronto in 1981.

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Black text in white strips on blue cover; inverted male symbol on front; naked male torso on back.

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An interview by Michael Lynch with an anonymous man, age 41, who was arrested during the bathhouse raids.

Tape one (56 mins) covers his early life in Hamilton, coming out and family life, marriage to a woman, life in Hamilton, and gay life in…

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A letter to Flash debunking a number of myths regarding homosexuality included in a previous article.

A newspaper article detailing the activities that take place in a bath house, sparking a debate on the nature of homosexuality between Jim Egan and Julian Farnley.
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