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Circular white button with a Star of David made with two pink triangles, and black text.

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Circular yellow button with an image of Oscar Wilde wearing a pink triangle.

Circular white button with a pink triangle and black text.

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Circular white pin with two figures wearing leather gear, including chaps, in black. Text in black also.

Rectangular white button with black text and five triangles of different shades of pink falling.

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Circular white button with red text, and arrows and crosses from male/female symbols horizontally crossing the middle.

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Events cb206.jpg
White rectangular button with figure divided into masculine and feminine halves over a silhouette of the CN Tower. Red text.

Circular white pin with red stitching designed to resemble a softball, and red text.

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Organizations cb113.jpg
Black text on red/white background, "Body Politic" masthead in white rectangle with pink triangle symbol

White and black circular button with glasses, text in pink with pink triangle.

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