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Round button with red text over image of cow on black background.

Round button with black and purple text on white background, BI is written in purple text.

Round button with red and orange text on black background with white snake and what appears to be a stylized uterus.

Round button with white text over blue abstract design.

Round button with black text on white background. Most of text is too small to read; some of it seems to be in french. Centre of button is a stylized image of a keychain.

Round button with black text on teal background. Yellow ring around edge with stars and "CUPE 3903" in black.

Round button with purple text on lighter purple background.

Round button with pink and yellow text on white background with picture of small figure in leopard print dress.

Round button with black text on pink background with b&w image of face with short hair and sunglasses.

This image is a collage of letters cut out and clued on white paper. The letters, in a variety of colours and fonts, read "hey faggots, if you're going to call us trannies or transies then we'll call you stupid dicks and wee-wees, time for you to…
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