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Queer Deaf Zine (1).rotated.pdf
Zine made by participants in Youth Line's Deaf Inclusion Project

non-binary pals - cover.jpg
Illustrated zine filled with portraits of non-binary people.

my gender is page 1.jpg
"A gender euphoria zine"
Small format
No publishing information outside of name and website

This image is a collage of letters cut out and clued on white paper. The letters, in a variety of colours and fonts, read "hey faggots, if you're going to call us trannies or transies then we'll call you stupid dicks and wee-wees, time for you to…

This image is a collage of cut out text glued onto white paper. The letters, in a variety of colours and fonts, read "h[ey] hom[o] pigs keep your gross hands off our culture queer doesn't mean gay testicle brains."

Handbill printed on gray blue paper which reads "Subscribe to gendertrash." Handbill details gendertrash's target audience, ranging from people in transsexual and/or transgender communities, service providers, or others interested in learning more.…

A drawing done in varying shades of purple pen and pencil crayon on yellowing paper.This image depicts four figures, presumably trans women, holding eachother by their hands and hair. Below the figures text reads "TRANSSEXUAL SISTERHOOD IS…

neatlineable gt order form.jpg
A digitally modified image, created from an order form for the gendertrash zine and related materials published by genderpress. The form lists sixty-three buttons available to order, issues 2-4 of genertrash, and an HIV/AIDS resource booklet written…
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