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Table of Contents
Acknowledgments p. 7
Ivan Introduction p. 11
Rae Introduction p. 17
Ivan Girl Failure p. 21
Rae Girl Failure p. 27
Ivan Rosie p. 35
Rae God Failure p. 43
Ivan Listing My Sisters p. 51
Rae Cowboy p.…

Gender Review 2.3.pdf
Articles include: "Surgery: are you ready?" by S.C.H. "Watching her grow" by B.J.K. (experience having an adult child transition) "Book Review:The Gender Trapby Chris Johnson and Cathy Brown" "Woman or queen" copyright by Rupert Raj (reprinted…

Gender Review 1.8.pdf
Articles include: "Wilson: 'voluntary patients'" (argument against public funding of trans-specific medical treatments by Dr. D. Laurence Wilson, president of the Canadian Medical Association) "Money: 'medical morals'" (Dr. John Money's…

Gender Review 1.3.pdf
Articles include: "Diagnostic diameter: TS [transsexual] identity--delusion or reality?" "Oppressed as the oppressor" (sexism, homophobia, transphobia by transpeople) "Need for multidimensional health care for the transsexual" by Mario…
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