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Gender Failure


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Gender Failure


Transgender people - Identity
Transgender people - Canada - Biography


Table of Contents
Acknowledgments p. 7
Ivan Introduction p. 11
Rae Introduction p. 17
Ivan Girl Failure p. 21
Rae Girl Failure p. 27
Ivan Rosie p. 35
Rae God Failure p. 43
Ivan Listing My Sisters p. 51
Rae Cowboy p. 59
Ivan The Rest of My Chest p. 67
Rae Prairie Gender p. 77
Ivan Gender Identity Interview for Adults (FtM) p. 83
Rae Man Failure, Part 1 p. 87
Ivan Thirteen Inches, Uncut p. 95
Rae Man Failure, Part 2 p. 101
Ivan Top Surgery p. 109
Rae My Body Is a Spaceship p. 115
Ivan Messages to Lynn p. 123
Rae How to Be a Transgender Country Singer p. 129
Ivan Invested p. 139
Rae YouTube Gender p. 147
Ivan Dear Family p. 153
Rae How to Be a Transgender Indie Rocker p. 161
Ivan A Cautionary Tale p. 169
Rae How to Be Gay When the Gays Won't Have You p. 175
Ivan Many Moons p. 181
Rae Drag Failure p. 189
Ivan Do I Still Call Myself a Butch? p. 195
Rae How I Got to "They" p. 199
Ivan The Facilities p. 205
Rae What Do You Think I Am? p. 213
Ivan Their, There p. 221
Rae Touring Success and Touring Failure p. 227
Ivan Between the Boat and the Dock p. 233
Rae Stories I Tell Myself and Others (Gender as Narrative) p. 239
Ivan Danger p. 245
Rae Gender Retirement p. 249

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Rae Spoon
Ivan E. Coyote


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Rae Spoon Ivan E. Coyote, “Gender Failure,” The ArQuives Digital Exhibitions, accessed December 8, 2021,