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Circular white button with black lines, text in grey and black.

White t-shirt with a flaming crest with text and logos. For more RyePRIDE material, visit the LGBTQ+ HISTORIES AT RYERSON exhibit.

Pop culture portrayal 2016-02-03.jpg
A newspaper article describing a RyePRIDE event on the topic of queer representation in the media.

Blackbird 2015.jpg
A poster advertising the screening of a gay-themed film.

Queer Youth Film Festival Jan 2015.jpg
A poster advertising a film festival of LGBT oriented content.

Rye marches Sep 20 2006.jpg
A newspaper clipping about TMU's participation in the 18th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.

AIDS Walk Sep 24 2003.jpg
A newspaper clipping about TMU's participation in the 15th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.

Finding a safe place Jan 17 2007134.jpg
A newspaper article discussing the need for gender-neutral washrooms.

Amid turmoil Sep 2007.jpg
A newspaper article describing the lack of diversity within the TMU staff, as it conflicts with the diverse climate of the student body.

Gay Muslim Mar 5 2008 1.jpg
A newspaper article on the topic of queer Muslims and the reconciliation of faith and sexuality.
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