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Letter from Dianna ONeill to Rupert Raj thanking Rupert for his review of Lou Sullivan's book From Female to Male: The Life of Jack Bee Garland.

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Letter from Diane Middlebrook to Rupert Raj, thanking Raj for his comments on the previous letter, describes the work Middlebrook is doing developing a documentary with a BBC producer on trans men, and encloses a book review Middlebrook wrote on…

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Letter from Diane Middlebrook to Rupert Raj, which answers questions regarding Middlebrook's biography-in-progress of Billy Tipton.

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Letter from Rupert Raj to Mariette Pathy Allen, in which he explains he is currently writing two books, an autobiography and an anthology focusing on trans men. Raj writes that he is impressed by Allen's book, invites Allen to write a statement for…

Letter from Rupert Raj to Lou Sullivan, creator of FtM Newsletter. Raj thanks Sullivan for the review copy of the Jack Bee Garland biography and discusses other biographies and writings by trans men.
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