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Queering Black History Mar 5 2014.jpeg
A newspaper clipping with a picture of activist and kickboxer janaya khan from Ryerson's Queering Black History Month event.

Trans Collective Oct 29 2013 front001.jpeg
A flyer for the first meeting of the RSU Trans Collective

Gender Mix & Mingle Sept 24 2014.jpeg
A poster for the RSU Trans Collective's Gender Mix & Mingle event, where students can try on accessories to play with their gender presentation.

MacLean against Nov 3 2004.jpeg
A newspaper article interviewing RyeSAC president Dave MacLean about gender-neutral washrooms

Students call Mar 9 2011 sm.jpg
A newspaper article on the Trans-Action for Community Health forum and the invisibility of transgender students at Ryerson.

Scholastic Surge Sep 26 1981.jpeg
A green poster for a dance hosted by Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men and Gays at U of T.

Rye's first asexuality week Nov 5 2014.jpeg
A newspaper article on an Asexuality 101 workshop held during Ryerson's first asexuality week.

Homophile Association off to a start Oct 13 1977.jpg
A newspaper article on the founding of Gays at Ryerson (now RyePRIDE) including a short interview with founding president Doug Chan.

Femmes fatales Jun 18 198?.jpeg
A white poster for Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men's womyn's dance at Oakham House.

Bomb threats drive gays underground Eyeopener Nov 13 1980.jpeg
A newspaper article on the bomb threats sent to the newly-formed Ryerson Gay Student Association.
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