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Circular white button with two teardrops and the trans symbol in a pink triangle, with text in black and pink.

Note: TDOR is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which happens on November 20th and is a day to memorialize those who have been…

A newspaper article about men calling themselves police attacking members of a gay social group.

Trans remembrance 2015-11-25.jpg
A newspaper article describing the Trans Day of Remembrance honoured at TMU.

Out of the closet Oct 13 2010 Eye.jpg
A newspaper article describing the TMU's LGBTQ2+ community's experiences on and off campus.

Study to probe Nov 1 2000.jpg
A newspaper article on the increasing rate of HIV/AIDS cases among aboriginal gay men.

Survival kit Sep 13 1995.jpg
A newspaper article describing an aid for gay students on TMU campus.

Death threats Feb 22 1995.jpg
A newspaper article on the hostility faced by BGALOR.

A column describing a case where charges were suspended due to the victim being labelled a homosexual.

Bomb threats drive gays underground Eyeopener Nov 13 1980.jpeg
A newspaper article on the bomb threats sent to the newly-formed Ryerson Gay Student Association.

Gay bashing Mar 19 2008.jpeg
A newspaper article on the topic of rising anti-gay violence on the Ryerson campus.
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