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DP016- Leela (Final Transcript).pdf
Acharya was an activist that was involved in the progressive feminist scene in Toronto prior to hearing about Desh Pardesh. She later went on to work in the programming committee for Desh Pardesh. In this interview, Acharya discusses how theā€¦

Students call Mar 9 2011 sm.jpg
A newspaper article on the Trans-Action for Community Health forum and the invisibility of transgender students at Ryerson.

Rye's first asexuality week Nov 5 2014.jpeg
A newspaper article on an Asexuality 101 workshop held during Ryerson's first asexuality week.

BGALOR no more Nov 13 1996.jpeg
A newspaper article announcing the name change of BGALOR to RyePRIDE to be more inclusive and affirming.
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