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Letter from David A. Gilbert to Rupert Raj discussing the type of gender-affirming surgery the Center for Gender Reassignment offers. Gilbert also discusses how long surgery takes, the potential risks, required preoperative visits, and cost.

Letter from Milton Edgerton to Rupert Raj, responding to questions regarding phalloplasty surgeries performed at the University of Virginia Gender Identity Clinic.

Letters from Milton Edgerton and Joyce Schmidt to Rupert Raj answering questions about gender affirming surgeries performed at the University of Virginia Medical Center.

Letter from Betty W. Steiner regarding the fact that she is not able to offer phalloplasty surgeries at this time because they are still in an experimental phase.

Letter from Charles Puckett to Rupert Raj briefly mentionining Puckett's new technique in penis construction, and referring Raj to the psychiatric team.

Letter from R.J. Walton to Rupert Raj stating that the Health Sciences Center does not have a gender Identity clinic but does care for transgender patients.

Letter from Marti Norberg written to clarify what the Stanford Program is and what they view to be necessary treatment and support for gender-affirming surgery.

Letter from David William Foerster to Rupert Raj discussing outpatient sex reassignment surgery.

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Letter from Tony to Rupert Raj, talking about the details of phalloplasty and the bottom surgery process, as well as letting him know the associated risks and costs.

Letter from Rupert Raj to Dr. Gottlieb requesting information on Dr. Gottlieb's gender affirming-surgery program for trans patients.
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