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Pamphlet and documents detailing what the Federation of American and Canadian Transsexuals (FACT) is, who may join, how it is organized, the objectives, what services are offered, what types of memberships are offered, and the special provisions.

Correspondence to Rupert Raj from Dr. Collier M. Cole regarding subscription to "Gender Networker."

F0146-05-09 Xtra Mag Ad Sep 12 1996.jpg
An ad printed in Xtra on September 12, 1996 in which the Pride and Remembrance Run describes the events of the run and thanks their various sponsors.

A brief column describing the trial of a lesbian whose sentence is suspended.

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F0146-05-09 Toronto Sun Article June 30 1996.jpg
An article in the Toronto Sun dated June 30, 1996 by Jason Cumming. The article describes the inaugural edition of the Pride and Remembrance Run and funds raised for the AIDS Memorial and Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

A newspaper article describing a girl's case against a lesbian.

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F0146-05-11 1998 Ad in Fab.jpg
The ad describes the events of the third annual Pride and Remembrance Run in 1998, including information on registration, prizes, and sponsors.

Sex education Oct 10 2007.jpg
A newspaper article on the sexual education available at Ryerson.

A newspaper article pleading for tolerance for lesbians.

A contribution to Asexual Feminism zine to be used as a still image in the Coming Up Aces exhibit
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