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Scholastic Surge Sep 26 1981.jpeg
A green poster for a dance hosted by Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men and Gays at U of T.

Toronto-based gay liberation activist and community organizer Philip McLeod, interviewed by historian David Churchill in July 1991, at the University of Toronto. The first fifteen minutes of the tape features still shots of gay liberation ephemera…

Interview with John Gartshore.JPG
John Gartshore, a gay man age 58 at time on interview, begins the conversation outlining the his early realizations of him homosexuality at Upper Canada College. He continues onward choronologically, discussing his incomplete BA at Trinity College of…

An extended interview between Tom Warner and Gary Kinsman, an academic and activist who discusses gay political activism in the 1970s and 1980s in Toronto and the maritimes.

Part 1 covers coming out and his early life, and getting involved with…

Come out Mar 1997.jpeg
A newspaper article about Ryerson's positive space campaign.
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