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Amid turmoil Sep 2007.jpg
A newspaper article describing the lack of diversity within the TMU staff, as it conflicts with the diverse climate of the student body.

Finding a safe place Jan 17 2007134.jpg
A newspaper article discussing the need for gender-neutral washrooms.

Study to probe Nov 1 2000.jpg
A newspaper article on the increasing rate of HIV/AIDS cases among aboriginal gay men.

AIDS database Spr 1990.jpg
An article discussing a TMU database called AIDSCAN, with information on the HIV/AIDS virus.

AIDS Walk Sep 24 2003.jpg
A newspaper clipping about TMU's participation in the 15th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.

Out of the closet Oct 13 2010 Eye.jpg
A newspaper article describing the TMU's LGBTQ2+ community's experiences on and off campus.

Out of the closet Spr 1990.jpg
A poster advertising a continuing education course on gay and lesbian content.

Out of the closet Jan 26 1994.jpg
A newspaper article on one professor's attempts to bring a gay studies certificate program to TMU.

RU D3 sticker.jpg
A sticker produced by RyeSAC (later renamed the RSU) reading "Diverse," "Defiant," and "Divine."

Lovin Feb 14 2001.jpg
A newspaper article on a series of education workshops held at TMU to promote safer sex.
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