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White t-shirt for lesbian and gay Pride Week Toronto, 1993.

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Come out Mar 1997.jpeg
A newspaper article about Ryerson's positive space campaign.

Square white button with black and pink triangles, black and purple text.

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Death threats Feb 22 1995.jpg
A newspaper article on the hostility faced by BGALOR.

Don we now our gay apparel Feb 15 1991.jpeg
A newspaper article on Ryerson's Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day (BGLAD) and the backlash to it.

Douglas Crimp 1 Oct 1992.jpg
A booklet describing the achievements of the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and the critic Douglas Crimp who, attending the Kodak Chair Series lectures, discussed his works in relation to AIDS activism.

White t-shirt with orange seahorse on blue background, with two pink triangles.

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Dyke night Nov 15 1995.jpeg
A pink poster for BGALOR's Dyke Night event at Pimblets.

Dykeversions Fal 1992.jpeg
A poster advertising Becki Ross' "Dykeversions" course in Gay & Lesbian Studies through Ryerson Continuing Education

White shirt with blue flowers and various names of sponsors.
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