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Circular white button with pink triangle and black text.

A white diamond button with a red maple leaf symbol, blue text.

Eyeopener Mar 21 1985.pdf
Pages from a 1985 edition of The Eyeopener that addresses an anti-gay poster campaign on campus.

Rectangular white button with black text and five triangles of different shades of pink falling.

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Scholastic Surge Sep 26 1981.jpeg
A green poster for a dance hosted by Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men and Gays at U of T.

White t-shirt featuring art by Keith Haring

Rye to hold its first gay dance Nov 29 1989.jpeg
A newspaper article on Lesbians and Gays at Ryerson's first public gay dance in 1989.

White circular button with pink triangle, text in black and purple.

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Prof demands Apr 11 1985.jpg
A letter to the Eyeopener from Professor John Hunter refuting biblical arguments against homosexuality and defending his development of courses relating to the gay community at the School of Social Work.

t-shirt from the 1981 LGT Pride in Atlanta, GA, USA

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