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Femmes fatales Jun 18 198?.jpeg
A white poster for Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men's womyn's dance at Oakham House.

Rye to hold its first gay dance Nov 29 1989.jpeg
A newspaper article on Lesbians and Gays at Ryerson's first public gay dance in 1989.

Scholastic Surge Sep 26 1981.jpeg
A green poster for a dance hosted by Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men and Gays at U of T.

Anti-gay signs posted in Rye March 13 1985.jpg
A newspaper article discussing the backlash to anti-gay posters on Ryerson campus.

Gender Diversity 1 1986-1987.jpg
A syllabus for a course on social work and a myriad of gay and lesbian themed topics.

White shirt with text written in paints

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A pink shirt for Toronto Pride 1988; "Security" for Club Colby's on the back.

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Black t-shirt with white lettering and phallic graphics, "The bar with balls."

White t-shirt with four faces, each from a different region of Asia.

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White and green long-sleeve shirt with green, stylized text; 33 on back.

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