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Rye marches Sep 20 2006.jpg
A newspaper clipping about TMU's participation in the 18th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.

In this oral history, Gita Kolanad talks about performing both in Singapore and in Toronto, as a writer, dancer, and martial artist. She says that what is most distinct about audiences in Toronto is their refusal of essentializing South Asian art.…

Events cb206.jpg
White rectangular button with figure divided into masculine and feminine halves over a silhouette of the CN Tower. Red text.

White shirt with blue flowers and various names of sponsors.

Light green t-shirt with AIDS Walk logo, "Volunteer" text, and sponsors.

AIDS Walk Sep 24 2003.jpg
A newspaper clipping about TMU's participation in the 15th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto.

AIDS walk Sept 29 1999.jpeg
A newspaper clipping about Ryerson's participation in the 10th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto

Black t-shirt with gold star, for AIDS Committee of Toronto benefit event
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