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Gender Review 3.1.pdf
Articles include: "SRS [sex reassignment surgery] - experimental or not?" by Susan C. Huxford "Book review:Female-to-Male Transsexualism: Historical, Clinical and Theoretical Issuesby Leslie Lothstein" by Rupert Raj "Manitoba birth certificates…

Gender Review 1.4.pdf
Special issue: Androgyny Articles include: "Introduction" by Leo Wollman to Behold, I Am Woman by Diana (existence of gender variant behaviour through history) "Statue of an hermaphrodite" (photo and text, from The Transexual Phenomenon by Harry…

Gender Review 1.2.pdf
Articles include: "Transsexual oppression" (Inge Stephens' suit against Banque canadienne nationale and Provident Assurance Company for disability benefits) "Ontario Bill 11 soon to become law" (An Act to Amend the Vital Statistics Actwhichwould…
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