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QLT Interviews Digital Exhibition launch, Oct 27.pdf
Queer Liberation Theory Project Poster

Dr Nick Mule.PNG
Introductory video by Dr Nick Mule to the Queer Liberation Theory Project digital exhibition for The ArQuives.

york university queer liberation theory project.pdf
Research snapshot from York University

Infographic to accompany QueerEdge: From Gay to Queer Liberation documentary.

Poster for the QueerEdge documentary

QueerEdge still thumbnail.PNG
The film interviews over 30 academics, activists and artists, who provide in-depth insights on their queer liberation sensibilities, contributing to a critical socio-political analysis of gender and sexual politics. The interviews, spanning…

Tom Warner thumbnail.PNG
Tom Warner is an activist, educator, agitator, historian, author, teacher, and mentor. Warner sees Queer Liberation as challenging and changing attitudes about sexuality and gender and acknowledges that it is informed by the Civil Rights Movement…

Tim McCaskell thumbnail.PNG
Tim McCaskell is a self-described gay dinosaur. He was a member of the Body Politic Collective, the Public Action Committee after the Toronto bathhouse raids in the 1980s and was a founding member of AIDS Action Now. McCaskell has also been…

Syrus Marcus Ware.PNG
Syrus Marcus Ware is an artist and activist. Ware is involved with Blackness Yes! that puts on Blockorama every year, which looks at Queer and Trans Liberation from a Black queer perspective and remains a place of resistance at Pride Toronto. In…

Susan Gapka thumbnail.PNG
Susan Gapka is a community activist, community organizer, and founded the Trans Lobby Group (TLG). The TLG was formed to educate people, gain political agency for trans people, and develop partnerships between trans and other groups.…
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