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Queering Black History Mar 5 2014.jpeg
A newspaper clipping with a picture of activist and kickboxer janaya khan from Ryerson's Queering Black History Month event.

Gender Mix & Mingle Sept 24 2014.jpeg
A poster for the RSU Trans Collective's Gender Mix & Mingle event, where students can try on accessories to play with their gender presentation.

Rye's first asexuality week Nov 5 2014.jpeg
A newspaper article on an Asexuality 101 workshop held during Ryerson's first asexuality week.

A Brief Histroy 2014.jpg
A timeline displaying major events in the history of RyePRIDE and LGBTQ life at Ryerson generally. Produced for a February 2014 exhibition of RyePRIDE material at Ryerson University's Library and Archives.

Design for May 2014 .jpg
A poster advertising the 2014 HSBC World Pride Fashion Design Competition, which challenges students to "create a work of art inspired by some of the moment's top, High Drag Queens."

Ryerson Image Sum 2014.jpg
A poster advertising Ryerson Image Centre's World Pride exhibit "What it Means to Be Seen." Features Gerald Hannon's 1976 photograph "Kiss-in at the corner of Yonge and Bloor."
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